A Brief History Of Fireplaces

The fireplace - structure and serves in usual houses which provides high temperature as an element of architectural style as they are usually built in walls. In many houses, older and newer, a fireplace - a show-window for social collecting.

Though the majority of fireplaces as is constructed and divides common features, the main fireplace consists of the central fund of cement, along with the center, a fire chamber and unique collision, a dump of ashes and hatch doors for cleaning, a crossing point and a crossing point bar, a breast, a humidifier, smoke chamber, a throat, flu, flue prosecution, a crown, a cap or a shroud and arrestor spark. The structure of a fireplace was included in projects of houses within many decades, even centuries. Today, however, as the fireplace was replaced with a central heating, presence of fireplaces where all of them still exist to continue tradition, apparently.

Fireplace: fuel
Traditionally, fireplaces ate coal, wood or peat. Today, these burning materials were replaced with natural gas and electric fires because they are purer, safer, and is frequent less the road, than older forms of fuel. Gas fireplaces usually demand, that small doses of fuel allowed fire to burn during long periods. Modern fireplaces it is better and are more economic that way.

Types of fireplaces
Made / Prefabricated houses Fireplaces — constructed from fenny sheet steel, the double or threefold metal pipe surrounded with a wall running in frame prosecution, both a covering of prosecution and arrestor cap/spark above. Salty water in close proximity forces this type of a flue to rust, but it is economic to more expensive flue of a stone laying.

Freemasonry fireplaces — show tiles, which carry out flu to prevent corrosion in a lining of flu of a flue. They not resistant to earthquake!

Reinforced concrete flues: They had the blossoming during the 1970th and the 80th, but now the outdate. Congenital defect: confliction of thermal rates of expansion between a steel rebar and concrete will cause breaking up at flu when is heated up. The flue is loaded by vertical cracks which become more serious as the internal rebar rusts.

Fireplaces address, as they add style to the house. Fire hypnotizes and relaxes, and chimney boards are very popular in boasting of family memoirs. Fireplaces hold value which goes out of their originally planned function and obvious shortcomings of their structure. It goes more deeply, than they be fireplaces represent all securities and conveniences of the house!